Coming Soon To a Luxury Mall Near You

Coming Soon To a Luxury Mall Near You

Regal is Yours

Only The Finest

The unique combination of quality & speed makes Regal Engraving a revolutionary service. Laser eye engraving technology gives for breathtaking results at the speed of light.

Made in the USA

The one & only machine we allow to handle your Chanel handbag, or iPad Pro is a $30,000 Ohio made beast, made by TYKMA, known as their MLM20.

Ready. Set. Go.

It is of exquisite speed that your engraving comes to be. The longest the entire process takes is approximately 15 minutes. No more waiting weeks to get laser engraved.

Globetrotting to Everywhere

With 11 locations open by end of 2017, and a total of 55 by Q3 of 2018, we are spreading like wildfire to luxury malls and airports across the globe.

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Our Story

  • Royalty knows no bounds nor expiration • We provide this same quality worthy of ovation. 
  • Forever etched into the bloodline Laser engraved to endure rain or shine. 
  • Handled only by the butler most critically acclaimed • Your luxury products are touched only by the super trained. 
  • A duke and earl is eternal • So will your item forever be discernible. 
  • Like the king who is to be served immediately • So will your engraving at the speed of light come to be.